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About Southeastern Hose, Inc.

About Southeastern Hose, Inc.About Southeastern Hose, Inc.

Established in 1963, today, Southeastern Hose, Inc. stands as a major factor in the Hose Assembly and Expansion Joint Industry. With over 500 years of combined experience, from our welding, fabricating, sales, and administration departments, the knowledge, capabilities, and expertise of Southeastern Hose is virtually unsurpassed.

Southeastern Hose is a leading fabricator of Flexible Metal, Rubber, PTFE, and Composite Hose Assemblies and Expansion Joints, Pump Connectors, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Jacketed Assemblies, Chemical Transfer, Tar & Asphalt, Air, Coolant, and Stripwound Hose. We offer an assortment of Fittings, Couplings, and Adaptors, and we have components in an exceptionally wide variety of types, sizes, and materials.

Specialties are our standard, so if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us today. We can assist you with your special requirements and help you meet your application needs.

About Our Facility

About Our Facility About Our Facility

Southeastern Hose is located in Bremen, Georgia and occupies 50,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. Our facility is completely equipped for the design and manufacture of hose assemblies and expansion joints. We maintain one of the most complete inventories available, stocking a variety of sizes and alloys, to handle most any emergency inquiry. Our inventory for the 25 plus product lines we carry, is more complete than anywhere else in the country.

About Our Industry

About Our Industry About Our Industry

Southeastern Hose services plant maintenance in virtually all fields of industry. Our Fields of Industry include Chemical, Petroleum, Food, Metal and Steel Processing, Pulp and Paper, Textiles, Transportation, Heavy Equipment, Aerospace, Nuclear Power, and New Construction.

About Our Service

About Our Service

Southeastern Hose, Inc. currently employs 50 associates, who are dedicated to upholding our high standards of quality customer care and service. Our Service is designed to assist you with any of your hose assembly and/or expansion joint needs, promptly and professionally. Southeastern Hose offers 24-hour customer service and can help you in most any emergency situation.

Remember, specialties are our standard. Let us know the requirements of your project and we can provide you with custom built assemblies to meet your needs.

Please contact us early in your piping plans, to save time and money.

About Our Mission

At Southeastern Hose, Inc. our mission is simple:

"By maintaining our high standards, of providing a quality product with quality service,
Southeastern Hose is dedicated to upholding our tradition of growth through service."

"Connect with Confidence"

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